Attn: statement of purpose regarding blog?

Yeah, I don’t really have one for this particular blog.

I have a few blog projects scattered around the internet in various states of completion and involvement. Since I don’t google-search myself (and will think it’s extremely weird if you do, so please don’t), I don’t even know how many there are at this point. There’s at least one poetry/prose blog, at least one historical blog about appropriated female artists, a blog where I sometimes have photos taken of myself wearing clothes …

But this one is none of those things, really. It’s definitely not one of my two (and counting?) blogs about revolutionary tactics and theory anymore, either, so if you came here looking for those things — sorry, it’s the other one(s).

Originally this was going to be a travelogue blog, but in the course of my traveling I found myself encountering situations that were outside the purview of typical human experience. Like the time I got stranded in Palo Alto over Easter Weekend with a splitting migraine and a bag full of magic mushrooms — and that was pretty tame compared to a lot of things that happened. I’ve been deeply invested in various subcultures for the past six years and am a pretty objectively shady character by normal standards, but I honestly don’t know how I survived the trip and I also suspect that I may be a terrible person on some level, so I suppose oh well. When and if I ever get a grip on that, I’ll write about it, but that time is not now.

So in the meantime, I’m mostly going to provide dry commentary on cultural fads, when I update at all. I currently have a post written about white kids’ pukish appreciation for Native American culture, but have been mentally sidetracked by some idiots’ repeated attempts to engage me in a discussion re: My Little Pony. So I’m going to write about that … sometime soon, in the future, I think.

If you dig it, then dig it.

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